7 Rules For Writers Who Want To Make A Living

how to make money writing

How many times have you thought of becoming a freelance writer? This office work is killing you very time you enter the building. You have to cope with an endless list of tasks and it is absolutely another name for the game. The workload kills your inspiration and you feel washed out. This could be a very sad story, however not yours. We have a much better scenario for you, and would like to outline 7 ways of writing and making a living.

Write Guest Posts

Guest posts is the number one way of earning money. Although there are not so many resources that are ready to pay for your articles, but they do exist. While writing guest-posts you should include backlinks to the resources you write for. Study all the blog demands and requirements prior to writing a guest post. You don’t really know the audience of a certain resource, so sticking to clear demands is essential to attract readers.

Write Online Books

By writing an online book you can also become popular. The content you may encounter in the indie writers’ books is not really of high quality. Nonetheless, they have a chance to become best-sellers. We would not like to incline you to write something that just sells, being extraordinary and bring in some new ideas to your readership. Think over what cherry on the cake you would add to make your writing exquisite.

Create Content for Blogs

Today, oodles of writers are involved into blogging. Writing on a topic may be engaging, yet, why not dive into one specific topic and become an expert in it. Thus, you will have much more incentive to write and get a job satisfaction, as many resources may ask for your opinion. You will have your own special audience and know what this kind of readers will expect.

Get Involved in Sales Copywriting

Writing a descriptive content to sell a product presupposes implication of techniques to favourably present it and outline clear benefits to make people be willing to buy it. Some copywriting tricks such as writing in order to increase attention and credibility to the content, creating success stories or a series of mini success-stories is the way to make others buy what you write. To advance your success, learn what target audience really needs and why a product you write about is beneficial.

Win a Writer’s Contest

Your story should excite you first of all. Let your imagination flow. Create an enticing story with unexpected turn of events. Present bright and extraordinary characters, whose speech patterns would amaze every single reader. Do not dwell on writing about weather, that is of no big deal for others. Proofread your text and be ready to re-write it many times. Nothing personal, just writing. Do not lose hope when another Chief Editor brings your work back and asks to introduce one more set of amendments.

Compose Listicles

Listicles are articles made of a list and text. It’s abbreviated word form for “article” and “list”. Giving concise facts about any phenomena is so helpful for readers. It catches their eye, and meaningful information presented in a favorable and simple way is easy-to- remember. You may earn good money writing listicles for technical companies, for example. Technical information is rather complicated and is hard to comprehend. Listicles will simplify information and attract customers’ attention.

Hold Seminars

Let’s face it. You have a substantial work experience as a writer, and you have enough expertise to share your own tips on writing. So, why not share them with novice writers who feel zest for any piece of advice? You may just write a draft plan for your seminar (either online or offline), create catchy message for social media to advertise your upcoming event and set a date for it.

Summing It Up

It is always a relevant question – “How to make good money out of your passion”. What if you are a writer and have enough experience, and the mere thought of going to an office is killing you? We outlined most popular ways on how to make money writing, and hope that you will cope with drafting highly-paid guest posts, online books, and listicles. Applying for writing contests or starting holding seminars may also help you reveal your inner talents as an author!

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