Fear of Writing. How to Overcome and Reveal Creativity

Overcome your fear of writing

Every person experiences excitement after he/she wins a competition or gets a reward. It is called the “Winner Effect”. Have you ever wondered what happens when a person fails? He/she gets a throw back, and feels absolutely frustrated and unable to start doing any other task. The way out here is not to dwell on the problem for too long. The best thing you may do is to create an image of a good outcome of your problem. Make yourself sit and start working with a positive mindset. Thus, when you start writing, visualize the outcome you want to get.

Being Afraid of Writing

Put all your lame excuses aside, and just start writing. Making yourself start is always hard as you are unsure of what you might get, whether your readers like it or not. Don’t think of what you might get in the end, take an idea you like, and develop it. To always have a bunch of great ideas, try to read as much as possible. Form a daily writing habit. When you define your audience you aim to write, your creative part will start flowing.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Don’t even think of comparing yourself to others. This will play bad tricks on you. Comparing yourself to other famous writers only blocks you and decreases self-esteem. Famous writers have not always been accepted and published. You should keep in my mind that you have your own way, so follow it.  

Revealing too Much

A fear of revealing too much has always trapped writers. That is obvious as when you are too sincere, there will always be a group of people who are on the same page with you and agree on your ideas, and the ones who have doubts. However, there is no need to panic and become concerned about any counter arguments. Any reaction you get soon after your book or article is published, is already a success.

Overcoming Rejection

If you are afraid of writing, then it is not worth jotting down anything at all. Rejection is a natural stage of publishing. So, you should just get used to it. This is what every writer goes through. It does not mean you write bad, it is only the requirements you should follow. One more thing on top is that every editor has its own taste and preferences, so nothing personal.

Dealing with Perfectionism

Nobody writes perfect books. Fear of making any mistake only holds you back. Even editors may skip mistakes. So, there are many possible ways of checking your work for grammar, spelling mistakes or plagiarism. If you always care about perfect writing, you can’t but focus on editing all the time that at the same time distracts you from enjoying the process of writing itself.

Killing Overanalysis

Overanalysis of writing leads to nothing but rejection. You think over the reasons of writing in general and its final negative outcome. Why to write something that nobody will read, or why to write something that a few readers may like? Overanalysis results in indecisiveness, reluctance to perform any complicated tasks, and kills creativity. Thus, it does nothing but prevents you from writing.

Accepting Family Praise

Accept family appraisal as it will motivate you to do everything. You have your first readers around you already. You may consider their critical points of view as well as positive evaluation. Anyway, what you get is sincere valuable comments on your piece of art. Any corrections, improvement and re-writing you do on the spur of the moment. Family encouragement gives additional stimulus to write.

Wrapping It Up

Writing is for creative people that’s why you should just make yourself sit and start doing what you like. Overanalysis, perfectionism, and comparison block you from masterpiece creation and provoke fear of writing. What may help is reading dozens of books in general, eliminating all the blocks, setting positive mind, and accepting appraisal of your family members that may inspire you to write.   

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