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So you are here. On our own About Us page. Just give me a moment to calm down a notch. This is too exciting. I think I’m hyperventilating just typing these words. Welcome to our blog. We are extremely happy to see you here.

It All Started from Passion for Writing

My name is Nancy. Together with my friend Liz we have started this blog. Since this page is called About Us, you’ll have to sit through our abridged life story and find out how it all relates to you. Or you can just skim through (don’t you dare). Our passion for writing wasn’t born yesterday. This love predates even Liz’s and mine friendship. I came to understand writing at the tender age of 5. Since then, books (actually, everything that can be read) have become my nourishment and goal. I post my guest posts regularly, and now I have this blog. My lifelong dream is to become a (world-renown) writer of young adult and fantasy. I have met Liz shortly after she has found the power of a written word. She is not just a writer. Over-achiever that she is, she learned programming and web design. It is thanks to her that we have free tools for you on this blog.

Free Tools and Advice for New Writers

It was Liz who created writing tone analyzer, plagiarism checker, smart word counter, and grammar checker Again, all these useful tools are absolutely free. We want the world to see talented young writers and to read their stories. That’s why we have created this blog and that is the reason Liz has spent long hours between freelancing and babysitting (wrestling with) her nephews making it all happen. Besides software, here you can find moral support. We want to assist you in finding your own writing voice. We know how to balance work and writing. We glimpsed the unexpected turns life can bring and how not to lose faith in writing. We can guide you in your journey to discover your inner writer. We’ve been there. What’s even better, we are here. Contact us. Tell us your stories and write posts.

Inspiration to Write and to Create

I can tell what inspires Liz, without even having to ask. She is a person with tremendous amounts of energy. She seems ferocious (well, Liz, it is true), but she is the most generous person I know. She works day and night, and when she is done, she decides to do something useful (that’s actually a quote). So what inspires her, I think, is the work itself. There is just so much more that humanity must do and there is so little time to do it. So Liz works, writes, and creates for as long as the limited earth day lets her. I used to be inspired by the simple joy of writing. With years, it has changed. Now, I am inspired when I look at my tireless friend. I try to observe the world through her eyes. Then I sit down and I write about all the unfairness and injustice. I also write about happy things. And when I’m finished, I hope the humanity has fewer troubles and a bit more joy.