Resources for Writers

Resources for Writers and Free Tools: Find Solution Here

It is only tough love between a writer and her craft.

It doesn’t mean though that there can’t be a bit of help coming your way. Go through the list of resources for writers and free writing tools down below and find answers and solutions to any problem.

To save you some time, we broke them down into categories.

Workshops: because you must work on your writing


Experienced and methodical workshops where you can critique others and have your work critiqued by others. That’s how you excel, man.


This platform has writing workshops, forums, and competitions for writers. Proper critique and suggestions can become your ticket to publishing.


Set a challenge and start writing a novel on November 1st: no looking back, no editing. Finish the draft on November 30th. Can you do it?

Platform to publish: because you need readers


Publish finished stories; get followers; communicate with the crowd.


One of the biggest writing communities on the internet. Write and read stories of any genre and length and participate in contests.


This platform is bit of everything, but most prominently it gives possibility to professionally edit and publish your book (Note: this service is paid).


A literary and art journal that showcases new promising artists, poets and writers.


Enter competitions and get calls of submission (when publishers look for you) online without pre-payments.

Blogs: because you have to know what you don’t know


A huge collection of the most fresh and unmissable articles about writing and for writers from all around the web.


A blog with ample advice on blogging and writing. We recommend reading it regularly.


A very popular platform: it has ton of helpful posts and writing groups you can join.


Founded by a young adult writer, this blog is all about supporting and helping young writers on their road to publication.


Tips and advice for freelancers and more.


Learn how to write, publish and market your book.


A literary platform for collaborating with other writers and learn more about everything writing-related.


A guide to everything to do with grammar, punctuation, and words of English language

Tools and Instruments

Plagiarism Checker 

Make sure you have not copied someone else’s thought, or a sentence. An accident or a mistake, don’t let it ruin your career. This tool is free.

Grammar CheckerComing soon

Check grammar of your texts before publishing, submitting or sharing your work. This tool is free to use.

Writing Tone Analyzer Coming soon

With this amazing tool, analyze your texts to see how well they express what you want them to express.

Smart Word Counter –   Coming soon

Just what any blogger needs: counting words, characters, sentences and even keywords is easy with our free tool.


Know a useful resource for writers that this list is missing? Add it to the list now.